Shaily gupta is a practicing architect with experience in projects of diverse nature. She worked with Arch Stephane Paumier after her graduation from School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi . As a lead designer and a firm associate, she spearheaded numerous projects of varied scale.

She formed her own firm 'sga-studio' in 2015 and has explored various sort of projects since then. Her work explores form, both for its sculptural aspect as well as its transformative influence on spatial experience.

She engages with her urban surroundings at both micro and macro levels. Her poster campaign to highlight and create awareness about the issue of recycling of the urban was picked up by the cleaning authority of Delhi and instigated a debate across the city on urban renewal. She has also installed at Khoj as part of Activating space- sculptural Enquiry.

She has an interest in modern architectural history, since it reflects the cultural, technological and physical changes a city has gone through. She explores the same through her photography and by conducting  Architectural walks through the contemporary built of the city.

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